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Silverlake Camps provide unique day-camp experiences for elementary and middle school children in the Los Angeles area. In a small group of up to 25 campers, aged five to thirteen years old, we explore all the benefits of growing up in the one-of-a-kind urban wilderness of our city. Silverlake Camps is owned and operated by Kari Druyen, who who grew up in the heart of Los Angeles: holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education and owns and directs Pinwheels Preschool. Our home base is in Griffith Park but we explore the entire city of Los Angeles.
Our Summer Camp visit museums, parks, gardens, restaurants, noteworthy neighborhoods, and exciting recreation spots. All of our days are active ones, and our focus is on socialization. At Silverlake Camps we are not about arts and crafts, we are about appreciating the art, architecture and natural  beauty of the city. We are not about organized sports, we are about swimming in the ocean, hiking to a waterfall and running through the sprinklers. We are not about theater programs, we are about multi-age, collaborative, cooperative  games in the park. At Silverlake Camps we believe in children enjoying their vacations, having a blast with their new friends, and experiencing the amazing city they are growing up in.

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